Solo: A Star Wars Story – Poster

Solo: A Star Wars Story gets a new theatrical poster as Lucasfilm heats up the marketing campaign for their upcoming spinoff. After the film’s troubled production made plenty of headlines over the past year, everyone involved is more than pleased to see the movie itself become the center of attention. After a director switch and Read More


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Wizard’s Tower by Luke Roberts

Wizard’s Tower by Luke Roberts   Read More

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Female mentor who can enlighten you has bad eyesight?

Disney thinks an older hippy female mentor who can enlighten you has bad eyesight? Sybill Trelawney #HarryPotter Maz Kanata #Starwars Read More

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A parody advertisement inspired by Spotify and iTunes – presenting the new App ‘SpotiTunesfy’! Read More

A video posted by Richard Holland (@richie.holland) on Feb 5, 2016 at 1:14pm PST Da Vinci’s Demons Da Vinci’s Demons – Boomerang was originally published on wiziwiz (Source: Read More