Solo: A Star Wars Story gets a new theatrical poster as Lucasfilm heats up the marketing campaign for their upcoming spinoff. After the film’s troubled production made plenty of headlines over the past year, everyone involved is more than pleased to see the movie itself become the center of attention. After a director switch and massive reshoots, Ron Howard finally locked his edit and is putting the finishing touches on post well ahead of Solo‘s summer premiere. All that’s left is for Lucasfilm to promote the project over the next month.

Perhaps it’s fitting Solo‘s advertising has also been the subject of much discussion. After the delayed teaser trailer caused many to fret, the posters have come under fire. Disney was hit with claims of plagiarism in regards to stylized character one-sheets that heavily resembled album covers, and then there was controversy surrounding international posters being sans blasters (the truth of which has been uncovered). Hopefully, the unveiling of this poster goes along much more smoothly, signaling better times are ahead for Solo.


April 9, 2018

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